Thursday, January 26, 2012

"From Sister to Brother"

The following is the rap/poem that I wrote in response to the video "I Hate Religion But I Love Jesus":
From Sister to Brother – Response to “I Love JESUS But Hate Religion”
(By Arlene B. Muller)

I’m glad you love JESUS!  You’ve made a great start
If you’ve welcomed JESUS to live in your heart.
Welcome, my brother!  God’s called you to be
A part of His wonderful family!
For all of God’s children are sisters and brothers.
He’s joined to us all, so we’re joined to each other.
It begins and not ends when you have the new birth,
For we are Christ’s Body right down here on  earth.
He gives us His Spirit and gives us His grace
To spread His good news to the whole human race.
He started with 12, but from the very beginning
He put them to work—lots of souls needed winning!
He’s our Savior and LORD and He’s made us His own,
And ensured none of us would have to “go it alone”.
The Holy Spirit came on that Pentecost night,
So the Church was born and we’d do what is right.
The disciples preached JESUS, Who rose from the dead.
Now we are His Body, and He is our Head.
Christ gives us His Word that He wants us to keep.
He’s our Good Shepherd and we are His sheep.
He feeds us His Body in the Breaking of Bread;
Those who eat of His flesh won’t be spiritually dead.
Rules, rubrics and laws are only a part
Of the way we love JESUS, alive in our hearts.
The Church and the laws will help us do better
When we follow the Spirit, and not just the letter.
Relationship is what helps us stay true
To the LORD and His Church and what He calls us to do.
Religion’s not bad when it serves as our mentor
As long as we keep JESUS CHRIST as our Center!

© Copyright 2012 by Arlene B. Muller

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