Monday, January 14, 2013

A Plea for Balance and Conversion

I will probably irritate both my friends on the "right" and on the "left", but I am a strongly pro-life, level-headed, hope-filled Catholic Christian American who believes in God, in the Truth of God's words and in our nation's founding principles in the Judaeo-Christian ethic.

Yes, I believe that Americans made a mistake in re-electing Barack Obama, and it is clear I have NEVER been and NEVER WILL BE one of his supporters, because of his extreme pro-abortion agenda, his ties to Planned Parenthood, his threat to our religious freedom, his support for the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood, his "tax and spend" economic policies and extravagant personal spending at taxpayer expense that add to our spiraling national debt and perpetuate the cycle of dependence upon government assistance, and his position that it is the role of government to redistribute wealth.

I believe that only God truly knows his heart, his intentions, and all the motives behind his behavior. I do not believe that it is his intention to be a dictator like Hitler or the antichrist, even though I believe that his continuation of his policies could put us further down the slippery slope of the culture of death. I believe that it is more likely that he is guided by political expediency, misguided compassion, and spiritual blindness. He believes in the "quick fix"--hand out money (which has to be done for the short term, but we need more effective long term solutions), promote birth control and abortion (he only sees the need of the woman in a crisis pregnancy but not the humanity of the unborn baby who also is a person in need of protection and he sees fewer births as a solution to poverty and birth control and abortion rather than chastity as the means), and appeasement as a means of reconciliation and peace (we need to avoid violence and war whenever possible, but the solution is NOT to APPEASE TERRORISTS--he forgets what happened when Neville Chamberlain tried to appease Hitler).

I do NOT believe that he is in any way responsible for the acts of deranged human beings in recent shootings except in a very limited, distant way of perpetuating a culture of death--if we de-value human life in any area, it adds to the lack of respect for the sanctity of human life for anyone in our culture. These killings were the acts of troubled, deranged individuals influenced by the power of evil--not by Obama and not by our government. I believe that action to prevent weapons from getting into the hands of criminals and crazed individuals is one of the necessary constructive actions in trying to stop this kind of violence, along with promoting greater respect for ALL human life, providing better diagnosis and treatment and, when necessary, confinement in mental hospitals, for potentially violent mentally ill people for as long as necessary, and a end or at least curbing the violence in all forms of media (film, TV, music, computer games, video games) and that this is Obama's intent--NOT the desire to take over the government and render citizens helpless. I do not believe that an executive order is the way to go--I believe that executive orders can be an abuse of power--but that it should be via an act of Congress not to ban all guns but to enact legislation that would help America to a better job at preventing these tragedies.

I believe that speculation about his citizenship and eligibility is just that--mere speculation--and it is unproductive. Regarding alleged "election fraud"--this has happened before, probably more than we realize, in previous elections. This, too, is speculation and unproductive.

What do we do now? This is America with a two party system, a strong Constitution, and a strong Bill of Rights. This is NOT Nazi Germany. We still have various legitimate forms of legal and political recourse, so we don't need to stockpile guns or consider civil war or secession or other forms of paranoia! So we need to make use of the constructive means available to us to keep America good, strong and free. We are also a nation in which a significant percentage of citizens believe in God, in the Judaeo-Christian ethic, and the power of prayer. We need to keep a close watch of what is going on in our nation and in the world and make use of opportunities to petition and contact our Congressional representatives and use our freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of assembly to make our voices heard. We need to support the legal process in our courts and organizations like American Center for Law and Justice who fight threats to our religious freedom. And we need to pray and repent for our personal sins and the sins of our nation. A morally strong nation centered in God and His Word that worships God rather than the "almighty dollar", that demonstrates compassion for the poor and oppressed and that avoids lust and sloth is a nation that is less likely to be taken over by dictators. A morally weak, self-indulgent nation that forgets God and engages in all sorts of immorality and that fails to respect the sanctity of all human life is a nation that has made its vulnerable. So we need to pray and repent. Each day pray that God will turn us back to Him and the Gospel of life and away from the slippery slope of the culture of death. For better or worse, God allowed the American people--whether rightly or wrongly, justly or unjustly--to re-elect Obama, so let us pray fervently for his conversion and let us pray for God's wisdom to help us discern the difference between necessary pragmatic compromise and inexcusable moral compromise. Let us work hard to restore respect for ALL human life, from conception through natural death and reverse the downward spiral toward the culture of death, because a nation with a strong respect for all human life will NOT turn into a nation like Nazi Germany.

We need to trust God and cooperate with HIS work in our lives and in our country and support godly leaders. If we cooperate with God and seek to follow His will, He will never abandon us and He will help us to grow into what we seek to be "one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." We also need to try to put aside our petty differences and encourage all who believe in the essential values of the Judaeo-Christian ethic, regardless of our denomination, to work together, because as a united front we can defeat the evils of the culture of death, moral relativism, communism and fascism. "United we stand; divided we fall". God bless America!

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  1. I forgot to mention that we must also fight any efforts to amend the amendment that prohibits presidents from serving more than 2 terms or more than 10 years if they have completed the term of a prior president. Restriction to two terms is one of the safeguards against abuse of power and tyranny--the amendment followed the realization that FDR had become too powerful after being elected for 4 terms. We have to make sure that Obama will leave the White House in January 2017. Again, this is a legal and political fight, making use of non-violent and rational means provided in the "law of the land".