Sunday, December 1, 2013

Advent/ Christmas Reflection : 2013



The more I reflect on life, on the coming of CHRIST in history, on the comings of CHRIST in our lives, on Advent, on Christmas, and on the Second Coming of CHRIST at the end of the world, the more I see that as human beings we tend to think that JESUS comes when we are ready, when we are all prepared, and when we have everything just perfect so that He will be pleased, and "Christmas magic" makes everything all right.

But in reality JESUS came into the world, comes to us in our lives and in each day of our lives, Christmas comes, and He will come again when we are in distress, when we recognize that life and the world around us are in a mess, when we least expect Him and are almost ready to give up hope, and when we need Him the most. 

Martha Stewart was nowhere near the First Christmas.  And BABY JESUS' first place to sleep was not a cradle in Nazareth but in a manger at Bethlehem.  Until the angels heralded His coming to some simple shepherds working the midnight shift, the LORD of LIFE slipped in quietly in a lowly stable or cave in Bethlehem while everyone was preoccupied with the census of the oppressive Roman government. 

So let us not lose heart with our imperfections, the imperfection of this world, and the imperfection of our lives.  Let us not drive ourselves crazy with unrealistic expectations.  Let us, instead, acknowledge the messiness in our hearts, our lives, our homes, and the world around us and be truly poor in spirit, which means that we have come to know our need for God and cry out, "COME, LORD JESUS.  WE DESPERATELY NEED YOU!"


© Copyright 2013 by Arlene B. Muller (Arlene Clare Muller, OSF).

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