Thursday, December 25, 2014


Savior, King, Messiah, LORD,
JESUS, our Emmanuel
So many names, such mystery!
But on this Christmas morn I see
Another name You are to me
And have been throughout history:
You're the GOD of the open arms.
Since Eden You've extended grace
So we could turn and seek Your face.
Your people failed and turned away,
But when they turned to You and prayed,
If only with a fleeting glance,
You'd offer them a second chance:
You're they GOD of the open arms.
At last You came at Bethlehem
To Mary, shepherds and Wise Men.
Your tiny arms were open wide
To welcome all who came inside
The stable, then the house.
God Incarnate, in Your flesh we see
What You've been from eternity:
The GOD of the open arms.
You grew, and then as a grown man
You proved that all could come to You
With burdens, sorrows, sin and pain
And in You we'd be born again.
You taught us the unchanging love
Comes from the Father up above,
For prodigal returning home
Find the GOD of the open arms.
Then one dark day at Calvary
Your loving arms stretched open wide
Were nailed upon the Cross to be
Embracing all humanity.
You died to save the world from sin
For anyone who'll let You in.
Your death to be the seal to prove
You're the GOD of the open arms.
And when You rose from death You came
To frightened friends who saw Your face,
And once again felt Your embrace
As the GOD of the open arms.
And still Your arms are open wide
To welcome all to come inside.
You touch us in Your Word and prayer
And Sacrament abiding there.
Someday I trust I'll see Your face
And run into Your warm embrace,
When I am finally HOME to dwell
With my GOD of the open arms.
(c) Copyright 2014 by Arlene B. Müller (Arlene Clare Müller, OSF).

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